Been guest producing an episode of To The Best of Our Knowledge, working with the amazing Sara Nics. Nearly done….


With the right book, you’re never alone.
Book reading campaign by the iconic Israeli bookstore chain (founded in 1925).

Do you often end up in bed with book characters? ;)

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Atlas Human-Powered Helicopter wins the AHS Sikorsky Prize Flight (via

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Godard and Karina read.

Hat tip to societyisnotmygod for the recommendation.



Anna and Jean-Luc Godard at home, 1963.

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No, you cannot stop me from posting an old puppy pic, on Calli the Dog’s birthday—today she turns two.

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Here’s the link to a piece I recorded for BBC Radio 3 for their Taste of Summer in America series. It’s about cheese & Wisconsin. And I think they only let you stream it for six more days if you wants to hear.